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Ialissos, Overall a good family destination

Written by Bryan
We stayed in Ialissos. If I were on my honeymoon or single, I would choose another island (or perhaps I would choose another part of Rhodes), but for a family with small children, or a wind/kite surfer, or people who don't want to be in a total party spot, Ialissos works just fine.
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Culinary Pleasures!

Eating out, is everybody's favourite pastime! Rhodes offers a great variety of restaurants for superb dining, with the choice of local delicacies which one can savour in one of the many traditional Greek tavernas or the alternative choice of international novelty or gourmet cuisine Rhodes, has them all.

Traditional eating options start from an Ouzerie, a combined bar and Taverna. In an Ouzerie taverna you will be served with a selection of Greek mezedes, these are a selection of dishes and appetizers, which are placed around the table for everyone to taste.

A few of the most important appetizers (Mezedes) are: tarama salad (fish roe spread), melizanosalata (Eggplant salad), olives, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), keftedes (meatballs), kalamaraki (squid), saganaki (baked cheese), tiropitakia (small cheese pies) or fasolia (white beans).

Greek Tavernas. The more comfortable and classic variation for Greek eating places. Here you'll find the Mezedes served as appetizers and a choice of main dishes which are usually grilled fish or meat, at reasonable prices.

Fish tavernas (Psarotaverna). Here you will have a fine selection of freshly caught fish, such as lobsters, shrimps, Barbounia (red mullets) perhaps the most expensive but seemingly so, the most popular. Other types are Tsipoura (sea bream), Lithinia (red sea breams), Fagria, Melanouria, Sargoi and Synagrides all very tasty grilled or fried. Other favourites are Octopus (grilled or boiled with vinegar) , Kalamari (squid) and Sword Fish. Not to mention a typical Fish Soup containing excerpts of fishes, -usually Synagrida or Fagri-, usually teamed up with a Greek Salad.

Rhodes have a fine range of international restaurants for those who prefer a more versatile choice of eating such as gourmet cuisine, Chinese/Soushi/Mexican/Indian restaurants to a trendy floating restaurant which are slightly more expensive than the typical Greek taverna but deliciously different.

Several of the restaurants in Rhodes have acclaimed international distinction and are recommended in most popular restaurant guides. The same applies to the wines produced by the local wineries in Rhodes which have also received awards at many international wine exhibitions.

An indicative list is the following:

Top Quality
Alexis-Rhodes Old Town
Dinoris-Rhodes Old Town
Fotis-Rhodes Old Town
Wonder-Rhodes Town

Old Monolithos-Monolithos
To Limeri tou Listi-Profilia

Although the tip is always included on the price, it is customary to tip 5-10% or to round up generously at restaurants.